The #InclusiveInteractive House at SXSW is the definitive celebration of excellence, brilliance and economic output of authentic inclusion and a safe space for all attendees and badge holders to engage, network, sync, recruit, learn, recharge, heal, breathe and thrive under the banner of global inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem for all. Programming is anchored by HBCU@SXSW and other ecosystem stakeholders that are doing diversity, inclusion and equity work for all.


#InclusiveInteractive Custom Event Package - $25k +

Fully customize your #InclusiveInteraction experience
– Starting at $25,000

#InclusiveInteractive House Partner - $10K

All perks of Host Committee sponsorship
– Branded company pop up banner in-house
– VIP access x 5
– Platinum badges x 2
– Sponsors 2 minority technical or business students from school(s) of choice

#InclusiveInteractive House Host Committee - $5K

Partner with global influencers to host the 1st #InclusiveInteractive house at SXSW.  
– Name branded on website, social media and medium post promoting house
– Name branded on back of official t-shirt merchandise
– Name branded in full page SXSW ad received by all delegates
– VIP access x 1
– Platinum badge (if attending)
– Sponsors 1 minority technical or business students from school of your choose

#InclusiveInteractive House Ally - $1.5K

– VIP access x 2 to the house
– Social media shoutout